Abyss and Iriss

Abyss and Iriss: The World’s Most Beautiful Twin Cats


Cats are always Instagram-worthy. In fact, three of the ten most-followed pets on Instagram are felines. We have Nala the cat, the Siamese-Tabby that is followed more than 3,8 million users. There’s The Grumpy Cat that has almost 2.5 million followers. And then there’s Lil BUB whose big eyes have drawn the attention of more than 2 million Instagrammers.

A lot of cats have become Internet stars. Joining the club are these twin cats from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Abyss and Iriss: Felines from Russia Tagged World’s Most Beautiful Twin Cats

Meet Abyss and Iriss, the twin cats that have been drawing online attention. But unlike the previously mentioned feline celebs, the siblings are not famous for their fluffy fur and endearing looks. They have a rather fascinating asset: their heterochromatic eyes.

Abyss and Iriss

Yes, both Abyss and Iriss have heterochromia, a condition that causes the eyes to have different colors. Abyss and Iriss each have a pair of blue and hazel brown eyes. Heterochromia is associated with blindness and deafness, but thankfully, the twins are perfectly fine.

Ever since photos of Abyss and Iriss surfaced and shared across social networking sites, they have been rising in popularity, with some people dubbing them “world’s most beautiful twin cats.” Their owner, Pavel Kasianov, shares photos of them on Instagram, where they have almost 200,000 followers.

Naturally, crossbred cats do not get the same features, but as for Abyss and Iriss, who are a mix of Angora and Turkish Vav, they are so identical, you will have a hard time identifying who’s who.

Despite the closely similar appearances, though, Abyss and Iriss have different personalities. Iriss is the easygoing cat who loves a rub on the tummy and greets guests with warmth.

Abyss is the total opposite and the diva of the two. According to Kasianov, the feline can be stubborn at times and will only play with you if she wants to.

We always see having features that are out of the ordinary as a disadvantage. But for Abyss and Iriss, it’s what makes them captivating and, well, special.