Meet Bruno, the High-Maintenance Cat with Very Specific Needs


Felines are known to be bossy pets. You have to give them attention or food whenever they ask for it; otherwise, they’ll give you a devilish stare until you submit to their wishes. No matter how weird they may be, that’s just how they are! Just like this particular Russian Blue from Washington.

Meet Bruno, the High-Maintenance Cat the Internet Is Falling in Love With

Russian Blue Bruno is not just demanding; he’s very demanding. This high-maintenance cat has very specific orders and is so hard to please.

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Bruno once had a family home, but as it turns out, the home was not a permanent one. The 7-year-old polydactyl had to be put up for adoption after he was given up to Wright Way Rescue, an animal shelter in Illinois. The reason? His being high-maintenance.

Bruno, it seems, has peculiar set of needs, which means he is only suited for full-time sitter who is patient enough to handle his quirkiness. He weighs 25 pounds, which makes his belly too tempting to smooch. But Bruno dislikes that! He’ll even bite and swat you with his paws if you attempt to. He loves to be scratched on his spine, neck, and face, though, and he’ll stay on your lap as you do that.

Bruno’s eating habits are pretty demanding too. He wants to be petted while he eats his food, and if you don’t, he’ll whine until you do so. He refuses to drink water from the kitchen where his food is stored, so you better place bowls of water around the house to keep him hydrated.

Despite being too bossy, Bruno has a special talent—he can stand on his hind legs! Then he’ll show off his pleading gesture to ask for an extra pat on the back or more food.

Indeed, Bruno is too cool to be homeless, no wonder thousands of people submitted their application to adopt him. He eventually found a new home, just five days after WWR shared a Facebook post about him.

The high-maintenance cat is now living with Lauren Paris, a singer-actor based in Washington and an equally extra mom to Bruno. In fact, she sent in an adoption request along with a few attachments: a recommendation from his boss, a letter of intent, a video of her home, and an original composition about Bruno’s specific demands.

Bruno has grown to become a social media icon with 120,000 followers on Instagram. He plays dress-ups, sleeps on a faux-fur bed, and enjoys a comfortable life with his newfound brother, Carlo.

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