Pom Pom

Meet Pom Pom, the Adorable Pup That Is Making the Internet Go ‘Awww’

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Dogs are cute, more so when they’re groomed and all tidied up. But there’s no dog much like Pom Pom, the egg dog of Singapore that gained celebrity status after getting a bath, massage, and trim.

Pom Pom: Get to Know the Egg Pomeranian Dog the Internet Has Fallen in Love With

A cute Pomeranian named Pom Pom recently got his must-deserved shower and massage from Andrea Aubrey Sim, a freelance pet groomer from Singapore. Pom Pom sat still like a well-behaved boy as he was being groomed.

Obviously, Pom Pom was quite liking his makeover. He closed his eyes and even flattened his ears every time Andrea snipped his hair with a pair of scissors. Little did he know, he was being trimmed into an egg shape.

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Luckily, Andrea was able to record a video of Pom Pom in an utter bliss and posted it on January 29, 2019, on her Instagram account. In just a matter of hours, the video went viral, which currently has almost 103,000 views and likes.

Although the video is already a few months old, people can’t seem to get enough of Pom Pom’s cuteness. The online community keeps sharing the video up until this day, while others created cute illustrations of him like the Admiral Pom Pom created by a fan named Christian Amiel Miranda.

A Japanese sculptor also turned him into an iconic figurine. And Funko Pop, a Washington-based toy company, created a toy version of him. Although it was intended to be an April Fools’ prank, as Funko would later claim, netizens said they’d buy the egg dog toy if the company actually sold pieces of it. According to an Instagram user, “stocks would have been sold out in just a minute after posting it online.”

Meanwhile, Andrea, who calls herself The Colourful Groomer, also received praises for a job well done on Pom Pom’s egg-like transformation, especially when they saw other pets she had groomed before. She also expressed her gratitude toward those who appreciated her masterpieces.

Now that Pom Pom’s a dog celeb, his fur mom dedicated a social media account for him and his Maltese-breed brother Pixel so his fans will be updated with his daily adventures and typical days lazing around the house.

Watch the video below