These Spooky-Looking Foods Will Scare Up any Halloween Spirit



Your little ones will love these delicious spooky snacks! These scrumptious treats are Halloween-themed, so it’s just in time for the tricks or treats.

Frankentreats and Witch on a Stick

Since they have separate recipes for both, you can check the Frankentreats recipe here. For the Witch on a Stick, simply click here.

Frightful Fingers

These easy-to-make snacks are certainly a treat to eat, and they’re also very creepy. Check out the recipe here.

Yummy Chocolate, Orange Spider Halloween Cupcakes

Want to make spiders into tasty treats? Why don’t you check out this easy Halloween recipe here.

Ghostly Guzzle

Have you ever tried to drink a ghost? Well, with this recipe here, you’ll be able to do so.

Eye-Scream Sweets

These creepy, easy-to-make snacks are a treat to eat.  These eerie treats can definitely see you and stare and your soul. Check the recipe here.

Snake Bites

You don’t have to worry about these snakes, they certainly won’t bite. Try the recipe here.

Easy, Spooky Ghost Cakes

Want to gobble down some ghosts? Why don’t you check out the recipe here.

White-Chocolate Ghosts

You won’t need the Ghost Busters to take care of these guys. Your stomach can handle it! Try out the recipe here.

Freaky Hot Dog Fingers and Fruity Ghoul’s Brew

What’s with all the fingers and stuff? Well, for one thing, they sure are tasty as hell! Check out the recipe for Freaky Hot Dog Fingers here and for the Fruity Ghoul’s Brew recipe here.

Choco-Caramel Critters

These horrible-looking snacks are sure treats. Never has eating critters tasted this good. Om nom nom! Click the recipe here.

Icy Witch

Never will witches appear to be scary again. Why would they be, when they taste this good! See the recipe here.

Creepy Dead Man’s Finger Food Sandwiches

Again with the fingers? But they taste so good! Check out the recipe for this scrumptious treat here.

Giant Black Widow

Another spider, great! So how did it become so tasty? Find out the recipe here.

Friendly Ghosts

These fluffy ghosts are so friendly they even let you eat them. They’re also very tasty! Try the recipe here.


It’s not true that green slime isn’t something you should drink. Sometimes, they’re refreshing and tasty and can quench your thirst. Check out the recipe here.



Spooky Veggies ‘n Dip and Hootwiches

You thought vegetables can’t be tasty? Well, you thought wrong. Get the recipe here for the Spooky Veggies ‘n Dip, and for the Hootwiches, click here.

Ghostly Goodies

These ghouls are made from marshmallows. So anything that is made from marshmallows is basically edible. You’ll be the one eating these ghouls and not the other way around. Check the recipe here.

Slimy Jell-O Treats

They may look disgusting, but their taste will take your taste buds into a place where they’ve never been before. See the recipe for this Halloween masterpiece here.


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