18 Heartwarming Snapshots of Mother and Babies from the Animal Kingdom

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It is so cute and adorable to see these pairs and groups of mother and their children bond in their distinct and special ways. You can easily depict the sweetness in each snapshot.

Here are 18 faunas from the animal kingdom which shows that they have unbreakable mother-and-children relationship.

Giraffe and Calf

Her neck is as long as her mom's head!

That's some serious snuggling.

Puppy puddle!

Single file, now.

Enjoy it now; you won't be allowed to ride piggyback once you have a growth spurt!



"Yeahhh, that's where it's itchy!"

This little guy is clearly hungry.

Snuggle time is crucial in this pride.

"Look at my baby! Look how cute she is!"

Tiny elephants, or puppies?



...How do you tell them apart?

Momma could not be more proud of her little ones!

Sleep tight, little guy.

Big cats are beautiful, too!

Itty-bitty kitties will always be adorable.



They're literally being taken under her wing.

A momma and her mustang baby.

I'm pretty sure it's protocol to suck <em>your own</em> thumb.


Watch these videos below:



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