Seeing pre-nuptial photos from our friends getting married on our Facebook Newsfeed may sometimes make other people jealous of those sweet poses. But these lovely couples have been creative enough with their favorite movies and shows to make their delightful memories a little something extra…

Check out these geeky couples who would make you believe again in forever.

Inspired by the Love Story of Carl and Ellie Fredricksen from the Movie Up



You Bet Harry Potter and Hermione Granger?








Mario Kart and Princess Peach



Doctor Who and the Love of His Life

Sharing Love on Friday the 13th



How About Steampunk?



Love in the Midst of a Zombie Attack



Star Wars–Love comes to life

Love Wins in the Game of Thrones




Another Star Wars-Inspired Love



World of Warcraft–Themed Pre-Nuptial



Batman and Mr. Freeze

More Magical with Alice in Wonderland



More Mario-Inspired Story

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These Geeky Couples’ Pre-Nuptial Photos Will Rekindle Your Belief in Happy Endings

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