Find Him a Girlfriend, and This Dude Will Give You a Whopping $10,000


Forget your part-time job, just get this guy a girlfriend, and you’ll go home with $10,000 in your pocket.

Thirty-year-old Ren Lu You from Birmingham, Alabama, is willing to give out ten grand to anyone who could lead him to the love of his life.

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He even set up a Web site so people could conveniently recommend family members or friends who are looking for a date too. Ren said that he’s willing to give anyone a reward in complete cash whose referral would end up to be his girlfriend and if their romantic relationship lasts for at least six months.


When Ren moved to Birmingham, he went out with a few girls, but after realizing the process didn’t do him any good, he sought another way to spice things up. That’s when he decided to start the Web site,

He says, “It’s at least a novel, and it seems like it may work.”

ren1 ren2

Short after Ren launched the site, he received an overwhelming number of responses, and he was happy to see that most of the people who submitted names did not really care about the cash.


Because of it, Ren has gone out on a few dates, met new people, and was pretty satisfied with how things turned out. Ren said that he did all of it to find someone great and ultimately enter into a relationship.

ren6 ren4

As to why he chose to lay some cash on the table, he said that cash is not really a big deal, especially if you’re doing it to find someone special. He added, “People are willing to pay a huge amount of money for a lot of things that are a lot less important.”

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