See Why This Dad Receives Praise to ‘Just Be Together’ …So Touching


As long as he can, a father will do anything to make his kids happy. He will put down his newspaper to ask them whether they had a good-night sleep. He will stop replying to e-mails to help them with their assignments. He will also shut off his phone to have quality time with his children. Yes, he is willing to do all of these. We just don’t know what other things he’s capable of doing. Here’s a story that will prove to you a father will sacrifice anything for his kids.

One day, this father went to a coffee shop with his daughter. He loves her so much that when she asked him to stop what he was doing so that they could spend time together, he didn’t hesitate to do so.

Touched and surprised by such scene, a teacher left a heartwarming note for the father, which said, “You have no idea of the gift you are giving.”


The teacher explained that she left the note anonymously to Davis Rosenman because there are plenty of kids out there without fathers who long to spend time with them. She clearly stated that he has no idea what it is like to have somebody devote their time to them.


Mr. Rosenman shared the note on Facebook and was shocked by its positive reception, racking up over 10,000 shares.

The man from Minnesota explained on Facebook what happened on that day. He said he decided to take his 9-year-old daughter to the coffee shop and brought along a notepad, a pen, and a newspaper.

When they arrived, the young lady said, “Daddy, can you not read the paper or doodle or check e-mail today? Can we just be together?”

Mr. Rosenman happily obliged to his daughters plea. While he put down his newspaper, she showed him the yarn project she has been completing. Later on, he found himself narrating to her everything that happened the day she was born.


When Mr. Rosenman went to the counter to pay for the bill, a woman approached his daughter and asked if he was her father. So she left a note for him. It said,

I work at a school where many daughters don’t have father and those who do never in their lives had him watch and listen and devote 100 per cent of their time to her for as long as you did on one Sunday morning. You have no idea what a gift you are giving to all the teachers who are responsible for educating her from now until she graduates.”

In response, he wrote, “Please don’t wait for your child or other loved one to plead for your attention like mine did—he or she might not. Expect that no one will leave a note for you—such beauty in this world is far too rare. I invite you to share the gift of this experience with me: choose to be present today—even for just a little while—for someone you love.”



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