30 Creative Toilets That Will Give You Pause While You Conduct Business

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Creativity is the act of turning seemingly impossible ideas into reality. Most creative people believe if you can imagine it, you can make it happen.

But some people are just so imaginative that they can’t leave even the toilets untouched. While most people like to use simple and clean toilets, creative people have found a way to make amazing pieces of art with their toilets.

So below we’ve included are some of the most creative, funniest, wackiest, and bizarre toilets you’ll see.

Ski on a Mountain Toilet

Classic Room Toilet

Gamer’s Toilet

On-the-Go Toilet

All Aboard the Ship Toilet

Anywhere You Go Toilet

Helping Hand Toilet

Vampire Toilet

Business Toilet

In Your Face Toilet

Couples’ Toilet

Luxury Toilet

M&M’s Toilet

Magazine Toilet

Toilet Museum

Royal Toilet

Men’s Size Toilet

King Toilet

Apple Toilet

Open Mouth Toilet

Twin Toilet

Jaws Toilet

Gents Only

Drink and Pee Toilet

The Workaholic’s Toilet

Music Toilet

The Lady Toilet

Traffic Cone Toilet

So what do you think? Did you find these toilets cool and would like to install it in your house? You decide.

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