Fatemeh Hammami Nasrabadi: Paralyzed Artist Draws Portraits with Her Feet

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She has the face of a goddess, but she has the skill of the world’s greatest genius. Meet Fatemeh Hammami Nasrabadi, the artist from Iran who draws portraits with her feet.

Fatemeh Hammami Nasrabadi: Iraninan Artist Draws Portraits with Feet

Fatemeh Hammami

According to Disbaled-World, around 10 percent of the world’s population, or roughly 650 million, are living with a disability. One of them is Fatemeh Hammami Nasrabadi. Born with a twin, Fatemeh was deprived of oxygen at birth, resulting in her disability. But she did not let this fact hinder her from achieving her dreams of being a painter, being a painter she achieved.

Although things are hard for her, she still pushed through with what her heart has been telling her. But of course, the road to success wasn’t without difficulty. She told Bored Panda, “The biggest challenge for me is that I have 85 percent disability and that makes it difficult for me to paint. I only work with one of my legs.”

Fatemeh Hammami greatest artist

Fatemeh is a die-hard football fan, so it comes as no surprise that one of her famous works was a portrait of Christiano Ronaldo. She made headlines after her work was shared on the internet. She is also a fan of Lionel Messi and Iranian star Ali Daei, whom she’s painted a portrait of. She has also done a painting of some of the world’s most popular icons including Charlie Chaplin and Selena Gomez, and some Iranian personalities including Mehran Modiri, Dariush Arjomand, Jamshid Mashayekhi, and Parviz Parastui. 

Fatemeh Hammami

After making the news, Fatemeh Hammami Nasrabadi has gained a huge following, especially on Instagram, where she shares a step-by-step guide to her painting process to her more a hundred thousand followers. 

Despite her disability, Fatemeh has learned to dream big and has worked hard to achieve her dreams. Aside from her portraits, Fatemeh has written books, three of which have been published.

Check out some of Fatemeh’s works below.