Girl Shoots Arrow with Her Feet While Doing Handstand on Traffic Cones

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Even if we don’t know it, each of us are blessed with a unique skill that sets us apart from others. Some are useless, yet astounding like this one.

This girl can mount two traffic cones using her hand and hold a bow and arrow with her feet. The most amazing thing is that she can shoot the arrow with a dead-on precision.

Seriously, think of any task where shooting an arrow with your feet while doing a handstand on two traffic cones would come in handy.

Nonetheless, this girl would make a pretty badass assassin. She could also enter an Olympic event for the combined sports of archery and gymnastics (if there is such a thing). Or maybe, she could even try out the Guinness World of Records!





Watch this incredible ability of hers here in the video below.

Amazing, right?

We found another feat of her.

Here is another video of hers where she attempts to shoot an iPhone while on the same stance:





In the following video, another girl attempts the feat in a circus act:


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