Largest Diamond Parachute Formation Sets A World Record

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One hundred skydivers in Lake Wales, Florida took it to the skies to form a diamond shape with their parachutes. By linking together up in the skies they set a new world record for the largest diamond formation.

Mike Lewis, one of the organizers of the record attempt, says he feels great to be a part of the diamond formation. The 53-year old skydiver was the jumper in position 100 and completed the formation as he locked in at the bottom.



“It’s been a long road,” he said. “We’ve spend seven years working on this.”

Buckle up: The skydivers in one of the five planes prepare for the dangerous jump



When they had their first jump, the group came close with only 96 jumpers managing to get into their position. On the second day of the jump, all the skydivers were able to lock their feet into the lines of the parachutes below them and grab the canopies below them with their hands. The skydivers jumped out of five planes flying at an  altitudes of up to 21,000 feet to perform the formation.

Four judges from the US Parachute Association confirmed the triumphant formation. It had also broken a previous record of an 85-way formation.



The diamond formed was about 200 feet x 200 feet, almost the size of 747 jet. The formation would be visible on radar from as far as Miami.



Check out the breath-taking video here:



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