Inflatable Concert Venue in Quake-Struck Japan Is Set to Travel …Bringing it to the People!


Who would’ve thought after the terrible earthquakes and tsunami in Japan that two people would come up with the idea of an inflatable mobile concert hall? Architect Arata Isozaki and artist Anish Kapoor finished building this structure and the hall will tour around affected areas.

The Japanese architect collaborated with the Iranian artist in designing the bubble-like edifice. The style was based on Anish’s inflatable Leviathan sculptures during an exhibition in Paris.



The building can house a maximum of 500 people who are interested in watching orchestras, chamber music, jazz, theater plays, dance, and art competitions. The Lucerne Festival this autumn, which will be held in Matsushima, is going to be hosted inside the gigantic blob too.



The designer stated, “We named the Project Ark Nova or ‘new ark,’ with the hope that it will become a symbol of recovery immediately after the great earthquake disaster.”

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He jokingly added, “Ark Nova obviously can’t carry people and animals to escape from disaster, but we conceived the ark to travel packed with music and various arts, from the perspective of long-term rebuilding of culture and spirit.”

To enable quick construction and disassembling, the material used to create the walls are made from a super-elastic plastic membrane. A lorry carries the deflated giant orb to make it easily transportable.



The design of the Ark Nova was first conceptualized in September 2011. At that time, Arata just finished the construction the national convention center in Qatar, while Anish contributed in the conception of the 115-meter-high sculpture in London 2012 Olympic Park.



Watch these awesome videos of the Ark:

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