Women Say They Find Men More Attractive After Using This Hormone Spray

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A newly invented hormone spray is claimed to be capable of making men 15 percent more attractive to women after being applied. A test was conducted in the University of Bonn in Germany where the hormone spray was sprayed to women volunteers. The participants reported that after that, they found their male partners attractive.

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The participants of the test were women who were all in their 20s. Half of these women were sprayed with the “love potion” while the others were just given some sort of placebo. They were then given pictures of their male partners as well as other men.

The spray consists of syntocinon, an artificial subsidiary to the natural hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is described as the “love hormone” since it’s discharged when a woman gives birth or when she falls in love with a man.



The women who inhaled the spray reported that their partners were 15 percent more attractive after the test. Those who relied on placebo expressed no heightened levels of admiration for their partners.

The syntocinon spray can actually be purchased online, but  Neal Patel, the head of corporate communications of Royal Pharmaceutical Society, says people shouldn’t be able to buy one without a legit prescription. He warns that the spray can negatively affect the heart and may cause headaches, vomiting, and miscarriages.

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