Chris Ferry

NJ Dad Receives Tons of Birthday Calls After Sons Put Up Huge Birthday Billboard


Chris Ferry, a dad from New Jersey, got the surprise of his life when he received tons of text messages and calls from strangers greeting him a happy birthday, even though he wasn’t supposed to celebrate it until days later.

NJ Dad Chris Ferry Celebrates His Birthday in the Most Unexpected Way

March 6, Wednesday, went as normally as it usually does for Chris Ferry, 61—until he started getting text messages and calls from people he didn’t really know. They were wishing him a happy birthday, which surprised the NJ dad as his birthday wasn’t until ten days later.

Right when he received the first greeting from Nick, a total stranger, he immediately had a hunch who could be behind the bizarre prank.

It was Michael and Christoper, his two sons living in Florida. The two wanted their dad’s 61st birthday to be memorable, and for them, there was no better way to make it so than buying him a birthday billboard. And so they did.

Michael and Christopher put up a huge billboard with their father’s face on it, his cellular number, and a message that says, “Wish my dad happy birthday. Love, your sons.”

Albeit a relatively big prank, the birthday stunt was anything but unusual for the Ferry brothers. Turns out, they’ve played a few on their dad in the past. As kids, they used to tell waiters it was Chris’s birthday, and they would bring a lighted candle while singing the “Happy Birthday” song. This year, however, they “wanted to make his birthday super special and give him a little extra attention,” Christopher shared on his Facebook post.

Chris, on the other hand, appreciates his sons’ efforts but thought, Man, I am going to be getting a lot of phone calls.

And, man, was he showered with thousands of messages! More than 10,000 people from all over the United States sent him text messages, calls, and voicemails. It had gotten out of hand that he couldn’t reply to any of them anymore, so he changed his voicemail, saying, “Thank you for calling to wish me a happy birthday. I really, very much appreciate it.”

Chris Ferry also said he received greetings from overseas. Other people even wanted to initiate a casual chat with him. Nonetheless, he admitted that it was the most memorable and funniest birthday he ever had, and the only way Michael and Christopher could outdo this is to buy him an even bigger billboard next time.

Now that they’ve said that, we really should stay tuned for the sons’ plan on their dad’s next birthday.

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