Ah Fei

Meet Ah Fei, the Most Dramatic Cat on the Internet

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While dogs are known for being goofy and easy to read, cats are loved for their mystery and expressionless stares. But Ah Fei seems to aim at these cat stereotypes, breaking them with each Instagram post. Now with over 30,000 followers, this rescue cat is getting more and more popular online thanks to his tendency to overreact.

If you loved Pompous Albert, the angriest cat on the Internet, you’ll surely want to follow Ah Fei, the tabby who is winning the hearts of many netizens for his expressive and dramatic reactions to the most random of things.

Ah Fei the Cat Goes Viral for His Overly Dramatic Reactions

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Ah Fei is an adorable tabby cat who lives in Jiangsu, China, with his owner, Tang Chang. Ah Fei has no poker face whatsoever, and his followers love him for it. Some even started creating hilarious fan art in his honor!

His name means fat in Mandarin, and he was clearly named so because of his laziness and love for food. Before his Internet fame, Ah Fei used to be a street cat before being adopted by Tang Chang, according to Bored Panda. Although at first glance you might think Ah Fei is living in a constant state of terror, don’t worry. We’re sure he’s just overreacting. Or maybe he’s just very ticklish? While he may seem a bit cantankerous at times, we are sure that he is perfectly content with his loving owner in a comfy place he can now call home. He now lives an enjoyable life, bumming around or playing all kinds of games.

His Instagram account is entirely dedicated to his adventures, and in the following pictures, you can see some of his funniest reactions. If you want to see more memeable photos of Ah Fei, check out his Instagram here.

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