Contact Lens Stuck in Woman's Eye

Doctors Remove Contact Lens Stuck in Woman’s Eye for Almost 3 Decades


There are a lot of things about the planet that remain unexplained, mysteries that continue to baffle us. But perhaps a good number of these bizarre events came from the medical world. From a woman whose bones slowly disappear to a child that does not feel pain, rare medical cases always leave us wondering just how strange the earth could get.

Now another medical case is making jaws drop and eyebrows furrow. A woman in the UK had her eye checked only to find out a contact lens has been stuck in it for twenty-eight long years.

Doctors Shocked to Find Contact Lens Stuck in Woman’s Eye for 28 Years

A 42-year-old woman in Great Britain had lost a contact lens when she was only a teenager. She forgot about it until doctors found the lens embedded in her eye—28 years later.

The woman, who remains unnamed, went for a checkup after noticing a lump below her left eyebrow. Doctors had the patient take an MRI to have a clearer look at the lump. The test showed that a cyst was building up in the woman’s left eye, causing her eyelid to droop. The decision to remove the cyst was made right away. But as the doctors went it to do it, they noticed that a contact lens in the patient’s eyelid.

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The woman’s mom later shared that when she was 14, she lost a contact lens, but since the patient hadn’t noticed anything off, she did not mind the incident, believing it just fell off at some point.

Speaking about the incident, one of the doctors that attended the British woman shared, The patient never wore lenses following this incident. We can infer that the RGP lens migrated into the patient’s left upper eyelid at the time of trauma and had been in situ for the last 28 years.”

The decades old lens and the cyst were successfully removed by the doctors, and now the patient’s eyes have gone back to normal.

Incidents like this aren’t that uncommon, sadly. Dr. David Chan, Atlas Eye Specialist Center medical director, shared that cases of contact lens getting stuck in the eye are relatively common.

“Some of them experience tearing part of the contact lens while removing it, leaving the other half of the contact lens in their eye. Others have said they couldn’t locate the lens although they didn’t recall removing it,” Dr. Chan said.

What’s rare, perhaps, is when multiple lenses get embedded in the patient’s eye, just like what happened to an English woman in July 2017.

Going in for a cataract surgery, the woman left specialists shocked when they found out that there were a total of 27 contact lenses in one of her eyes. The woman thought her worsening eyesight was just because of old age, little did she know she’s been carrying with her several lenses mashed together but just wasn’t aware about it.

The surgery was postponed after the discovery. Surprisingly, the doctors found no infection in the patient’s eye.

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