Learn the Secret Clues Guys Signal That He Wants You in Bed


Every guy leaves plenty of clues on how to turn him on with his approach to get you in the mood.


He rubs your back


Audrey Nelson, PhD, gender-communication expert and author of You Don’t Say, said, “Men respond more to visual things and women are more tactile, so a massage is his way of pleasing both of you.. . . He’s turning himself on by checking out your body while also making you feel good.”

Your guy is into some sensual delights, so it it is a great thing to return the favor by your own strokes.



He uses some little demure and sweet lines


Many guys attempt to say some kittenish lines to get you in bed. They say the let’s-go-take-a-nap-I’m-tired stuff to know if you’re game to what he’s intending to do. He would often run around the bush but will wait till you pick up what he truly means.

Try to be a little playful sometimes though, or he will get tired of doing the guessing game with you.



He tries to pounce you playfully


Guys sometimes love to be the initiator. But if ever you are not in the mood, practice to turn him down nicely in a way that he won’t feel rejected. He might feel that he needs to tone down his passion if you become too harsh.




He leads you on…


You are one lucky girl if your guy is the type who butters his woman up with sweet words and treating her to one lovely night by putting on music and lighting candles. One expert said, “A man who goes the extra mile to create an atmosphere is sensitive and understands what makes women tick.. . . You can expect him to focus on pleasing you with a lot of foreplay.”

You may have to direct the action if you want to get down and dirty sometimes, although sweet sex sessions are nice.



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