See the 10 Most Photographed Cities in Europe …Time for a European Vacation!

See the 10 Most Photographed Cities in Europe …Time for a European Vacation!

Europe is the world’s second-smallest continent, but don’t be fooled by its size because it has the most wonderful places the world can offer. Europe welcomes more than half of all the tourists worldwide. In fact, seven of the ten most visited countries in the world are all from Europe. So in which city in Europe do people take the most photos? Follow us as we show you to the top ten most photographed cities in the continent.


The Tuscan capital of Italy is in itself a masterpiece of artistic inspiration, spawning the birth of the Renaissance and firing up the talents of countless heavyweights. It is also the home to some of the most beautiful monuments, churches, and museums, attracting millions of tourists to the city each year.


Venice is a very unique city in Italy as it is built on water. It is located on more than 100 small islands in a marshy lagoon in the Adriatic Sea.




London is known as the business and financial heart of the United Kingdom. It is also known as the Square Mile that some of the most important people from countries all over the world visit to see the Queen at the Buckingham Palace.



Rome is the capital city of Italy and the largest city in the country, which is also popular for its history, architecture, and food.


Although Monaco is the second-smallest country in the world by size, it has the world’s famous casino and race track.




Budapest has more thermal springs than any other city in the world. An amazing 70 million liters of thermal water rises to the surface daily.


Madrid has been officially declared as one of the greenest cities in Europe. Spain’s answer to Disney World is the Warner Brothers Movie World at Madrid, which is open for six months in summer and has five themed parks: Old West Territory, Hollywood, DC Super Heroes, Cartoon Village, and Warner Bros. Studios.


The Eiffel tower isn’t the only good place to take a picture of in Paris. The City of Lights, in many ways, is a living blend of old and new. Paris has been the center of the French government for hundreds of years.




Barcelona is a very elegant city, famous for its impressive history, culture, monuments, fantastic architecture, museums, galleries, and interesting people.



Prague’s places are beautiful on their own, but it’s the behind-the-scene stories that truly make a trip to this city memorable.


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