10 Most Popular Portrait Photographers In The World …Mesmerizing!

10 Most Popular Portrait Photographers In The World …Mesmerizing!


Wandering around the globe and taking pictures of random people is not all there is to know about portrait photography. It is also focused on capturing and owning the emotions of your subject and spreading humanity around the world.

We list some of the best portrait photographers in the world today. These camera gods and goddesses are expert in capturing different lifestyles of people around the world. They travel around the world with their lenses to capture portraits of people from all walks of life. Their wonderful works are exhibited through several media such as magazines and newspapers.

Here are the world’s best travel portrait photographers.


Eric Lafforgue

Eric Lafforgue is known for his captivating photographs from North Korea. He has also photographed people of different tribes.


Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries is known for his portraits of homeless people and wanderers. His works capture and showcase the emotions and sentiments through the eyes of people. His wide collection of black-and-white-photos are quite amazing.


Phil Borges

Phil Borges believes that every human being is beautiful. His collection of portraits of Tibetan refugees shows the beauty of mankind even in dire situations.




Manny Librodo

Manny Librodo has been awarded several times for his mesmerizing portraits. His works are very fascinating and magical.



Rehahn spent time in Vietnam, Rajasthan, and Cuba. He passionately captures these country’s culture through his amazing portraits. Critics say that Rehahn’s photos perfectly frame the inner soul of his subjects through their eyes.




David Lazar

David Lazar has spent some time in Bangladesh, Brazil, and Kenya to capture a moment of people’s life there. His photographs are very colorful, and they reveal the beauty of each culture.


Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry‘s portrait Afghan Girl is probably one of the most popular portraits in the world. The photo was captured in 1984 in a refugee camp, Peshawar (Pakistan). It is liked all over the world. The Afghan Girl is even compared to Leonardo Da Vinci‘s Mona Lisa.


Joel Santos

Joel Santos‘s passion for photography is clearly reflected in his works. Some of his works show the raw emotions of his subjects.




Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine traveled around 100 countries to photograph indigenous cultures. Her works show the distinct and uniqueness of each belief and custom.


Jimmy Nelsson

Traveling around sixteen different countries, Jimmy Nelsson‘s subjects are tribal and indigenous people. Unity in diversity is the message of his works.


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