11 Creepy DIY Halloween Decorations That May Incite Your Neighbors to Call the Police

11 Creepy DIY Halloween Decorations That May Incite Your Neighbors to Call the Police

For some, Halloween is just a silly excuse to give candy to kids. But for others, it’s a time to let their hair down and go all out when it comes to prepping your property with all things creepy by terrorizing the kids who pass by your residence. These DIY Halloween decorations will scare the heck out of anyone  brave enough to go near your front yard.

Some bloody sheets on your clothesline should do the trick


What better way to provoke your neighbors than this occult decoration

Want to make your neighbors do the sign of the cross once they pass by your house? All you need is a few gallons of fake blood, some syringes, a mannequin, and a huge upside-down crucifix. There you have it, nightmare fuel for everybody!

Oh no! Looks like someone just committed suicide!

With this piece, you’ll have a good laugh while peeking out the window to check on your neighbors’ reaction, although it might not be as fun once the cops take down the decoration and put you on psychological evaluation.

Why don’t you offer them a human shish kebab?

If you’re looking for a hideously graphic display that will draw complaints from your neighbors, then all you need to do is combine a huge knife, a large mannequin with a creepy baby head, and a metal pole.

Simple black paper cutouts can transform your windows into a horror scene.

What’s a better way to startle your neighbors in the middle of the night than by making them think you’re being murdered by a serial killer! Creating a scene from a horror movie will get their attention.




Show them the real eight-legged freak

For an even more dramatic effect and scare factor, just add some miniature human victims. You can tell your neighbors and all passers-by that it’s a hobbit from Lord of the Rings or some poor soul that got caught in the web.

Roses are red, violets are blue—wait . . . is that an eye?!


How about turning your whole house into a monster?

If this won’t scare your neighbors, then nothing will.

Make some ghosts and apparitions from chicken wires!

They’ll look like ghostly silhouettes during the day, but if you want to frighten your neighbors at night, then just spray them with glow-in-the-dark paint for a more ghastly effect.

A head in a jar

To create the head, use Photoshop to combine a portrait photo with two other photos. The final product should appear like a life-size flattened face. Roll it up and stuff it into a gunky jar of formaldehyde.




For the final act, a mutilated half corpse should make them run!

This one is a very simple decoration, but that’s what makes it a standout. With the help of a few bloody hand prints, you’ll have an odd, real-looking corpse. It’s a good way to conclude your series of scary Halloween decoration.

Check out more DIY halloween decorations with the videos below.