13 Gorgeous Animals With Heterochromia – They’re Absolutely Beautiful!

13 Gorgeous Animals With Heterochromia – They’re Absolutely Beautiful!


Have you ever seen a person or an animal that has differently colored eyes? If you haven’t, then these photos will certainly amaze you. Take at look at these majestic and beautiful animals with their unique but tantalizing eyes.

Having different colored eyes is a genetic trait found in both people and animals, which is called heterochromia.

White Wolf

The result of having different eye colors are spectacularly magical, and it makes these already lovable animals even more adorable.

This little cat’s stare with its different eye colors is just mesmerizing.

Any species of animals can get heterochromia. Even this majestic owl.





Although some would say that it’s an abnormality, it still showcases a unique kind of beauty. It doesn’t really cause any kind of health issues with the eyes.

Awww!  This kitty is too adorable!

This dog even has different colors for his fur which compliments the different colors of his eyes.

“You shall stare into my tantalizing eyes and be hypnotized, human.”




Check out this majestic white wolf on the snow. His eyes literally shine with the white background and white fur.

Now this cat is literally a cute little bundle of joy with two faces.

So cute! There’s nothing more adorable than having a pet with heterochromia!


There you have it, folks, some amazing pictures of animals with heterochromia. They are absolutely stunning and too beautiful for words. These animals prove that the eyes are not only windows to the soul, but they’re also a beautiful piece of art.


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