These May Seem Strange to Us …But in Japan, These Are All the Norm

These May Seem Strange to Us …But in Japan, These Are All the Norm

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Adult adoption for parents who want to have a son to carry their family name

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It is perfectly acceptable to adopt adults aged 20 to 30 years old in Japan if a couple fails to produce a son.


Children acting as janitors

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You cannot see a single janitor in any school in Japan because children are taught at an early age to clean after themselves as soon as they start going to school.

Paid pushers for jam-packed trains

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Because of the country’s their population, public transport vehicles are always full. Train pushers are hired mainly to shove people inside overly crowded trains.

Capsule hotels

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In Japan, there’s a type of hotel that has several small rooms that can be rented at a very low price. They are called capsule hotels and are popualr among those who want to rent a space for a night but don’t really need the services conventional hotels offer.

Ganguro (Black Face)—girls tan themselves and apply heavy loads of makeup

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Ganguro is a sub-culture and a fashion trend in rural Japan.

Banishment rooms where troublesome employees are placed as a form of punishment

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Employees who are giving the management a headache are placed in this room where they do boring stuff for hours on end in hopes of having them quit by themselves.

Yaeba (double tooth)—having a misaligned tooth gives a youthful look

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Teens undergo surgeries to deliberately misalign their tooth. Other turn to temporary implants just in case the trend changes.

Christmas tradition of flocking to KFC

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Because of a successful campaign, Japanese now associate Christmas with KFC. They even line for hours just to dine with the famous Colonel.

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