Haunted House Stories

18 of the Most Unsettling Haunted House Stories You’ll Ever Read

Most people love a good haunted house stories. The more shocking it is, the better. If you’re tucked in and ready for bed, you might want to seek a more comfortable—and less scary—spot as you are about to read a collection of haunt house stories that are guaranteed to creep under your skin.

From the “no-faced man” to vengeful poltergeists, here are eighteen real-life haunted house stories that are scarier than any horror movie.

18 Real Haunted House Stories That Will Make You Uneasy

1. The bathroom buddy

“I lived with my friend for a while years ago. One day, I woke up to go to the bathroom, and I saw a young boy sitting in the bathtub, looking at me. He had his knees curled up with a dark bowl cut and strange, bruised-looking skin. When I looked again, he wasn’t there. I was shaking. When my friend finally woke up, I told her, ‘I think I saw something in the bathroom, but I was probably just tired?’ She said, ‘Was it a little boy with dark hair and weird skin? I’ve seen him too.’ I always afraid to go back into that bathroom.”

2. The no-faced man

“My aunt lives in a house where a family once died inside in a fire. My oldest cousin, whose room was in the basement, would have horrifying nightmares about a man named Charles with glowing red eyes and no face. He’d get so scared, he’d crawl to the corner of his room, crying. He was 20 years old.”

3. The scream team

“I was taking a bath once as a kid, and as I closed my eyes, I heard these horrible, bloodcurdling screams, like my family was getting murdered. I rushed out as fast as I could, and they were perfectly fine and told me no one screamed in the first place. There are still moments when I’ll pass by the living room and will see a figure lying on the couch, but as soon as I turn on the light, there will be nothing.”

4. The playmate

“When I was little, my mom was trying to buckle me into my car seat when I started fighting her, yelling, ‘Wait! She’s calling me!’ My mom was confused, but she let me go. She said I ran to the middle of our garage and started having a full conversation with no one. After that, I began waking up from my naps at the same time every day, telling my mom that the lady wanted to play with me. Mom got so creeped out, she called a priest who came and blessed our house. Nothing happened again.”

5. The clinger

“There were two presences I felt in my bedroom during my teen years. One had a good vibe, like a protector, the other . . . did not. One night when I was 14, I woke up to something hovering over my face—like a staticky, black mass with a mouth, its mouth being the only discernible feature. It stayed there for about five minutes (as I lay perfectly still trying not to breathe and quietly making peace with Jesus), and then it slunk to the end of my bed, lingered, and finally disappeared. I didn’t sleep for weeks.”

6. The bonding moment

“One night when I was 10, it was just me and my mom in the house. I went to her room to sleep shortly after she did because I didn’t like to sleep alone. As I was drifting off, I heard footsteps coming down our hallway. They grew louder and louder and stopped at the doorway. I felt a tug on the blanket. I said, ‘Mom?’ And she replied, ‘Did you hear that too?’ This was one of many bizarre experiences I had living there.”

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Creepy Stairs

7. The Victorian venture

“We moved into a Victorian house when I was 10. For the first few weeks, we’d hear footsteps going down the stairs and out the front door after we were all in bed. Things would disappear too—we couldn’t keep pens on the desk because they’d all be gone within a day. My mom also had this bell she’d ring when it was dinner time. It sat on a shelf in the kitchen. I was alone in the house, upstairs, and I heard that G.D. bell ring! My family didn’t believe me until it happened to my dad too.”

8. The dark disturbance

“My home now was haunted when we moved in, and it was pretty malicious. When I’d enter a room, it’d get cold, and the air felt like static. There’d be lots of banging at night, and sometimes I’d hear scratching. The creepiest thing that happened, though, was when I had a horrible dream of a dark cloud trying to force its way into me. It could’ve been a dream, but I don’t remember waking up from it. After I burnt some sage, all of that stopped.”

9. The cemetery comrades

“I used to live in an old apartment building right across from a cemetery. I’d always see shadows in the corner of the rooms, following me. Then it escalated to seeing an apparition of an Asian lady at the foot of my bed. She never looked menacing, though, it was as if she was checking up on me to see if I was sleeping well. This happened every night around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. I still wake up around that time, because it’s habit, but I never see her anymore as an adult.”

10. The closet creeper

“When I was 6, my parents let me watch Child’s Play, and I was terrified to sleep. I remember hearing something moving in my closet, and I ran down the hall to my mom. I told her someone was in my room, and she told me to go back to bed. Right as we were walking back, there was a loud crash and every item in my closet had been thrown out onto the floor. I still remember my mom’s exact facial expression. She waited until we were much older to tell us her own ghost stories from that house.”

11. The rambunctious revenant

“Every night around 3:00 a.m. or so, I used to hear sounds coming from the vents in the ceiling of my room. Eventually, it changed to what sounded like a pill bottle being rattled in my roommate’s bathroom—3:30 a.m. on the dot, every night, for months. Sometimes I’d be sitting on the couch and suddenly feel something sit down next to me. Other times, I thought I was being watched from the other end of the dark hall. Most times it didn’t feel threatening by any means . . . until we found the tiniest bit of blood on our light switch plate.”

12. The creepy cupboard

“When I was living back in the city with my fiancé, the house we lived in was super haunted. We were cleaning up one day after a party, and I had my phone on a table playing music. I ended up pausing it for something and misplaced it. I searched the entire house and couldn’t find it. We ended up finding it in the back right corner of a cupboard in the kitchen that we literally never used. Ever. It was sitting face down. How it fucking got in there I will never know, but it was creepy as shit. That house was super sketchy and I did NOT appreciate it.”

13. The lil’ spirit friends

“My mom and I lived in a house built in 1847 just outside Columbus, Ohio. Twice, when she had a friend over, they heard what sounded like a music box coming from my room, clear as anything. Once in the kitchen, I saw a pot hanging over the mantel swing once, then stop abruptly. No other pans moved. And once when going downstairs, I saw a shadowy, childlike figure swing around the pillar and head upstairs, like they were playfully running.”

Old Swing

14. The buggy bother

“In elementary school, my mom and I lived with my grandparents. Since everyone worked, I’d be home alone until pretty late. One time I woke up in my room and saw a woman standing in the corner. I looked down and saw what looked like insects crawling all over me. I remember screaming, and my uncle ran into my room. My family told me I was just dreaming. A few years later, I wrote about it in a 6th grade Halloween writing assignment, and it bothered my teacher so much, she sent me to the school psychologist.”

15. The cemetery case

“I lived next to a really old cemetery in Illinois, where there were graves two feet from our driveway and backyard. We’d go to the kitchen in the morning and find all the cabinets open. Our dogs would bark at nothing. We had our front door propped open with a small but heavy wolf statue, and it’d still slam shut. We’ve also had our front door open when the deadbolt was locked. Ghost hunters came once and told us there was a ‘demon portal’ in our backyard. I don’t know about that, but there was definitely something weird going on in that house.”

16. Casper, pretty much

“My family lived in a house that was haunted by a friendly spirit. It usually did small things like close and open doors, knock laundry baskets off tables, and ruffle up bed sheets. The weirdest thing though, was one time when my mom, sister, and I were in the kitchen. We heard the vacuum cleaner being used upstairs. As we climbed the stairs, it stopped. We found it in the middle of my sister’s closet with the cord wrapped perfectly around it, unplugged, the closet light on, and the door slightly cracked open.”

Lady in the House

17. The almost-helpful haunter

“When I was 12, I awoke abruptly one night. My parents’ room was across the hall, so I called to my mom for water. A figure came to the door, so I asked for water again, and it retreated. Moments later, the figure entered my room with its hands in front of it, as if carrying something. It was definitely in a dress. It stood by the edge of my bed and I reached out, but suddenly the figure disappeared. When I realized what’d just happened, I started screaming. My parents ran in and responded, ‘Oh, you’ve finally seen her.’ Apparently they didn’t want me to shit my pants, so they didn’t say anything about the ghost lady that lived in our home.”

18. And the scary shadow

“I’m sure my last house had a poltergeist. A full coffee can once flew across the kitchen and crashed against the microwave. My mom woke up from something pinching and pulling her legs, and one night when I was trying to sleep, something shook my bed until I sobbed, begging it to stop. The worst thing that happened, though, was one night around 3:00 a.m. when I saw a shadow on the wall next to me while I was downstairs. I thought it was my mom, so I turned to ask why she was up so late, but there was no one behind me. It began to feel like someone was choking me, and then all the lights flickered before cutting out completely. When that ended, I ran to my room and sobbed under my blankets for the rest of the night. My mom didn’t believe me until she spent a weekend alone in the house.”

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