Here are 20 Fashion Brands You Didn’t Know You Have Been Saying Wrong

Here are 20 Fashion Brands You Didn’t Know You Have Been Saying Wrong


There are brands that have not just become staples for fashion icons and celebrities, but also for most people. But, did you know many of us are saying these brand names completely wrong?  Yes, even our favorite Hollywood personalities sometimes don’t pronounce these names right during their red carpet interviews.

So, if you are considering having a career in the fashion industry or you just want to learn exactly how to say your favorite fashion brands, we got you covered. Here are top 20 brands in the fashion world you might want to learn in terms of pronunciation.



Well, most Americans as well as everyone in the whole world say it as “Lan-vin”, but it’s actually “Lahn-vahn“. You’re forgiven, this is, after all, a fashion house in Paris originally.



We all want to have a pair of “Hah-vain-as”, as what we usually call it. But, do you know it is pronounced as “HA-vee-AH-nahs“?


One bag of “Her-Meez” is worth a thousand bucks. Correction, it’s actually “Er-Mez“.


There goes your favorite fashion icon and her lovely “Bal-en-chi-aga” dress, which is actually pronounced as “Bah-len-see-ah-gah“.



Who haven’t heard of “Mo-cheen-o”? But, who got it right when they pronounce it as it is, “Mos-key-no“?





Every girl fancy a “Ball-main” dress, which is actually pronounced as “bahl-MAHN” for real.


Grabbed a pair of running shoes from “Saw-cony”? Oh sorry, it’s “SOCK-a-nee“.



Diamonds are girl’s best friends, which is why “Swa-rov-ski” is making a fortune out of it. By the way, you say it as “swar-OV-skee“.

Badgley Mischka 


The glam is up for grabs at “Bad-Glee Mish-Kaa”. Oops! It’s “Badge-lee meesh-kah“.

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier

Filipino designer “Monique Lily-er” does not have a very Asian last name. The right way to say it is “Mo-neek Loo-lee-ay“.





Anna Sui

anna sui

Even Americans are getting “Ann-a Su-ee” wrong. This American designer’s name is pronounced as “Ah-na Swee“.



Who doesn’t know the brand “Give-en-chee”? And yet only a few knows you actually say it as “Zjee-von-shee“.

Ralph Lauren 

ralph lauren

Born in the city that never sleeps,  Ralph Lauren is not pronounced as “”Ralph Lau-REN. As clarified by his niece, it should be vocalized as “Ralf LAUR-en“.

Christian Louboutin

Got a pair of Loubs in your closet? Maybe you should know as well that the designer of those shoes is not verbally spelled as “Christian Loo-Bow-Tin” but “Christina Loo-Boo-Tahn“.


This British brand is often mistakenly called “Bur-berry” when it is actually called “Burr-bur-ee“.


Manolo Blahnik

manolo blahnik

While Jessica Parker was very fortunate to wear “Ma-no-low Blah-Nick” pumps in the film, Sex and the City, not everyone is fortunate enough to learn how to pronounce it the right way, which “muh-NO-low BLAH-nic“.

Saint Laurent

Saint Lau-rent is actually “San lau-ron” with no “Ts” when you say it. But to avoid the difficulty level, we just call it YSL, don’t you think it’s much easier?



We usually call it “Mar-chee-sa” but actually it’s “Mar-kay-zah”. Why do they make things so difficult?


When we see that green crocodile logo, we would positively identify it as “La-coast”. No, not coast, the way you actually have to say it is “la-COST“.


Before you hit your yoga classes, it’s time for you to check on your “lu-lu-leem-own” outfit and this time, read it right as “lu-lu-lemon“.

Well, that’s one fashion and pronunciation lessons done together. Good to know something new and helpful today, right?


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