20 Times People Took Face Mask Design to A Whole New Level

20 Times People Took Face Mask Design to A Whole New Level

You see everyone wearing one. You witness people falling in insanely long lines just to buy one. And perhaps, you see everybody begging the government to give them one. Yes, we’re talking about face masks. As the number of cases of coronavirus disease increase, so does the demand for face masks, what with the repeated reminder from health experts that face masks, along with handwashing, is the most effective first line of defense we can all do against the COVID-19.

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A Whole New Level Face Masks People Took

But with the increasing demand for it comes the decline in supply. You see pharmacies posting No Face Masks Available signs in front of their store. At a time when they are most needed, face masks have been experiencing a big shortage around the world. But amid the global scarcity, there are those who chose to face the crisis in style.

22 Times People Took Face Mask Design To Another Level

Since surgical masks are not available, people opt for cloth masks. But it does not end there, as some have decided to design their masks to make them look for fun to wear. From Facehugger mask, to a mask for the deaf and hard of hearing, Bored Panda has collected a list of the most bizarre yet amusing masks designed by people from all walks of life and worn around the world. 

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At a time like this, it is so nice to see that people have found a way to have fun amid a global shortage brought about by a fatal disease that has left countries crippled. It is important to note, however, that while designing face masks can be fun, its purpose shouldn’t be forgotten. It is to protect you from the disease, so wear one every time, especially when going out. Forget fashion and remember your safety. Wear masks. Stay home and stay safe, everyone.

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