10 Animals With Beautiful Spots


Just as hunters use camouflage jackets, some animals have spots, which they use to blend into their environment. Although household animals inherited these features from their ancestors, some just need it to survive in the wild.

Here are some animals that possess beautiful spots:

1. Dalmatian

Although nobody can tell how Dalmatians acquired their spots, they are still one of the most popular dog breeds. Thanks to their unique pelt.

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2. Appaloosa

The Appaloosa is a gorgeous horse breed that is known for its spotted coat. They have this unique coat pattern because of their genetic makeup.


3. Spotted Bush Snake




4. Spotted Turtle

The spotted turtle is covered with yellow and orange marks all over the body. At birth, they only have one spot. But, as they grow, they can have up to 100.


5. Pietrain Pig

6. Brazilian Tapir Calf



7. Leopard

8. Holstein Friesian Cow



9. Spotted Moray Eel

10. Spotted Trunkfish



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