10 of the Oldest Animals on Earth

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The longest span a human can lived is 122 years by Jeanne Calment from France. While human can live at a maximum of 123 years, animals can impressively survive for more than 200 years on earth. They never wrinkled through the years, in fact they look like the most ordinary animals we’ve seen somewhere, but they are definitely making a history as the world’s oldest animals.

It is with great pleasure to introduce to you ten of the world’s oldest animals ever existed on earth.

Ming the Clam, World’s Oldest Animal

Ming is the oldest clam in history and if it weren’t for the scientists who discovered him and opened his shell to determine his age, he could have lived longer. Ming is 507 years old by the time scientists cracked him.

Adwaita the Tortoise, Oldest Living Land Animal

Adwaita survived for 250 years before he died in 2006 at the Alipore Zoo. To confirm his age, scientist took Adwaita’s shell for carbon dated.

Max, The Oldest Dog

Max is 29 years old. He is a mixed specie of beagle, daschund and terrier owned by Janelle Derouen.

George, The Oldest Lobster

Found on the coat of Newfoundland in 2008, Geore was sold to City Crab and Seafood restaurant with a price tag of $100. Due to its remarkable weight of 20 pounds, the bar decided to put him as a tourist attraction in the restaurant for more than a week before it was returned back to the wild. He was known to be 140 years old according to studies done by PETA.

The Oldest Lizard

This adorable Tuatara is known to have lived for more than 117 years. In Maori language, tuatara means peaks on the back and this oldest lizard is currently taking refuge in Southland Museum of New Zealand.

Goldie, The Oldest Goldfish

Breaking the record of Tish from North Yorkshire who died at the ageg of 43, Goldie, now the oldest goldfish in the world, survived 45 years on earth.

Hanako, The Oldest Koi

Hanako was 226 years old when he died in 1977. His age was determined by the scientists using the rings on her scales.

Lin Wang, The Oldest Elephant

An average life span of an elephant is 50, but Lin Wang impressively crossed the line after he passed away in 2003 at the age of 86. Lin Wang worked as a support to the Chinese Expeditionary Force during World War II before he was donated to the Taipei Zoo in 1952.

Billy, The Oldest Horse

Billy lived twice as old as an average horse has lived. He died in 1760 after living 62 years. He worked as a barge horse and due to his impressive life span, he was painted by W. Taylor when he was 60 years old, a renowned artist during the time. A part of his skull is now on display at Manchester Museum and the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery & Bedford Museum. 

Cream Puff, The Oldest Cat

At the age of 38, Cream Puff from Austin, Texas was hailed as the oldest cat ever. He was owned by Jake Perry, who also owned two of the world’s oldest cats before Cream Puff broke the record.


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