10,000 Baby Chicks Looted After Truck Overturned

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It was Tuesday, August 25, 2015, when a truck carrying 10,000 baby chicks overturned and spilled its load on the road. Upon seeing the incident, bystanders and passersby quickly started looting the spilled cargo. According a The People’s Daily Online report, traffic officers blocked off the expressway so that none of the chicks would be run over by the passing cars. The collision resulted to a congestion  several miles down the road.



A truck carrying 10,000 chicks overturned on a busy expressway in eastern China on Tuesday. The accidents forced officials to block off traffic.


Traffic officers blocked off the expressway to prevent cars running over the chicks.


Chick-induced congestion: the accident caused traffic congestion several miles long.


Many chicks survived without injury, but sadly some of them were killed in the crash.


After the crash, the local villagers arrived in the area to claim some chicks for themselves.


Locals quickly arrived armed with boxes, bags, and bins to collect the stranded chicks.


Locals piled the chicks into bicycle baskets, plastic bags, and some were even stored in villagers’ shirts. Some of the motorists who were held up by the crash also took some chicks. The local police were helpless to stop the rapid looting.


Revenge: Motorists held up by the truck crash exacted their revenge by taking some chicks too.



Grabbing fistfuls of chicks, the villagers got into a looting frenzy while some snap pictures of the strange incident.


As with many countries, chicken is a very popular food in China, but chicken feet are considered to be one of their best delicacies.
According to reports, the cargo of chicks were worth around 50,000 yuan (nearly $8,000). The number of chicks stolen from the accident has not yet been confirmed. Accidents of the same nature in the past resulted in many losses to businesses.

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