17 Colorful Animals That Look Like They Just Might be Photoshopped


There are many wonders you can do with Photoshop. Everything you see on the Internet that you’re not quite sure if real, you’ll often say that it’s been edited with Photoshop. You can sometimes see mutated animals or animal’s that are extremely large, and some of us still believe it—but of course, it’s photoshopped.

But what you’ll see now are pictures of animals whose photos you might think are edited but are actually real. Nature has an incredible way of making some of the animals beautiful, even without the help of technology.

Check out these seventeen photos of animals that are 100 percent real and not photoshopped.

Blue Lobster

Rainbow Nymph

Halloween Crab

Regal Ring-Neck Snake

Cobalt Blue Tarantula



Mandarin Fish

Rainbow Lorikeet

Indian Bullfrog

Violet-Backed Starling

Red Slug




Gouldian Finch

Purple Crab

Pink Orchid Mantis

Pink Katydid



Mantis Shrimp

Pink Robin


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