18 Cool and Cute Facts About Dolphins …Are They Smarter Than Us?

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Dolphins are affectionate and adorable creatures. They are so friendly and they appear to give you warm smiles everytime you look at them. However, there are more to this cuteness.

Here are some of the facts that you may not know about them.

Dolphins rapid regenerative abilities.

They can recover fast from extreme injuries such as shark bites. Deep wounds that are sustained can also be healed, and the affected part can retain to its original form once healed.


A dolphin guided ships through treacherous waters of New Zealand.

Pelorus Jack used to guide ships through the perilous waters in New Zealand. He was even protected by the law. However, he disappeared in 1912 without any trace.


In an attempt to teach English to dolphins, a scientist in the ’60s gave them LSD.

The research was unsuccessful; the drug even sparked the sexual attraction of dolphins to women.


Dolphins sleep with one eye open.

They are constantly aware of their surroundings.




Wholphin actually exists.

They are part-whale and part-dolphin. These are bottle-nosed dolphin that are very rare in the whale.


Killer whales, dolphins and beluga whales only sleep with one hemisphere of the brain active at a time.

They need to keep the other part active for their respiration.


Dolphins can detect a pregnant woman.

Dolphins, however, have no idea what they feel inside the woman’s body.


Dolphins are narcissistic.

They can recognize and admire themselves in the mirror.




Dolphins also commit suicide.

Suicidal tendencies lean more toward the females.

Dolphins, along with whales and apes, are the only animals other than humans to commit suicide.


Dolphins uses the puffer fish’s nerve toxins to get high.


Dolphins use baby sharks as volleyballs.


The nipples of a dolphin are located in its anus.

The calf will stick his bill into the hole as the mother squirts the milk into its mouth.


Dolphins have names of their own.

They will often give each other names, and they will respond even when they are called by unknown dolphins.


Dolphins are self-aware

That is why some scientists believe dolphins should be treated as non-human “people” with their rights to life. They are also known to be the only species to use its brain more than humans.




Whales and dolphins are “interspecies friends”.

They are known to share special bonds even though they are not of the same species.


Dolphins have good memory.

They can still recognize another dolphin even after separation of 20 years apart.


Dolphins rescue injured or drowning humans.

They are naturally helpful, and they have helped to save lives of many during multiple occasions.


Dolphins harasses other animals.

One example brings to birds. They drag them down underwater without any intention of eating them. They only have these playful behaviors which come across as harsh to us.




Here are other cool facts about dolphins! Watch the videos below:

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