21 Photos from the Deer Kingdom That Will Melt Your Heart

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Coming from a family of animals where reindeer and mules belong, a deer is a  member of the Cervidae, which is distinguishable by its even toes. But there must be some other things you don’t know about them.  For example, all deer have antlers or horns, but the Chinese Water Deer doesn’t because it only has tusks. The marks on their bodies are entirely dependent on the type of species. Quite interesting, right?

But while we enjoy seeing them jump and swim, there are more things to love about these animals, and the photos that follow will tell you what they are.

Deer During Winter (Quebec, Canada)

Deer Secret Meeting

They meet like they have their own long list of agenda to discuss.

Locking Antlers

This often happens when two rival male deer meet. Only the male deer have antlers, which can grown an inch per day.



Baby Deer Seeping in a Man’s Hands

One-Month-Old Pudu, The World’s Smallest Deer

Deer in the Morning


Living with Reindeer (Mongolia)



Deer and Fawn in Spring Meadow

“Mom, I Can’t Reach It!”

Deer in the Water



Deer under the Tree

Deer in the Wild

Rare White Fallow Deer (German Forest)

 Bambi in the Greenfield


 Below are videos of deer you will surely love!


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