These 21 Weirdly Adorable Animals Aren’t Getting Enough Love And It’s A Crime



Dogs and cats often dominate the conversations when we’re tackling about our adored cute animals, mainly because they’re the world’s most common pets. Despite earning they’re place in our hearts, there are still different animals with that awww factor in them.

These guys are just as adorable as any newborn puppy or kitten, despite some of them looking quite bizarre. You just need to take a second look, and then you’ll see that they’re actually lovely too.

Probably the cutest thing in the deep blue sea, this banded piglet squid showcases its adorable self.

The Malayan tapirs look amazingly adorable while they still have their stripes. They lose these stripes, however, when they become full-grown adults.

The gundis are still adorable, regardless if they’re rodents.

On the day they’re born, baby stingrays already have a smile on their faces.

Silky anteaters should be called fuzzy, cuddly, lovey anteater due to their adorable appearance.

Baby dik-diks are adorable creatures that people need to know more about.

Can this little spoon-billed sandpiper get any cuter?

A baby Pangolin will definitely brighten up your day.

Snuggling is very important for star-nosed moles.

Look at the size of this adorable pygmy chameleon.



Check this cute baby golden brushtail possum that’s chilling on the tree.

A baby klipspringer may be what you need for Christmas.

Aren’t we supposed to stay away from skunks? But these little babies are too cute.

Take a look at these fluffy and adorable Honduran white bats.

A turtle’s cuteness is extremely underrated.

You will truly fall in love with these baby oxen.

They may look scary, but Hyenas are actually pretty cute.

You can’t deny cuteness when you see it, and the dumbo octopus definitely has “cute” written all over it.

In the animal kingdom, the smile of the shoebill is probably one of the best.

Hispaniola is the only place where you can find the Hispaniolan solenodon.



Baby Echidnas are nicknamed “puggles.” Why? Because they’re so cute.

These cute weirdos definitely deserve more credit. So go ahead and share their photos with your family and friends. Not only will they find them cute, but they’ll also be amazed that such animals actually exist.


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