25 Ways Dogs Take Over Your Bed



While some dog owners would love to cuddle up with a dog on the bed, it doesn’t mean that they like having them til sunrise. That would spell a happy-one-moment, nightmare-the-next episode each night. One moment you enjoy yourself being lapped by your dog, the next your battling for space in the sheets. And the terrible thing is, that fluffy friend of yours is great at getting his own way that even if you sleep on a king-size bed, their presence will make you feel like sleeping inside a matchbox.

Look at these dogs. They made their owners forget how it feels to be actually sleeping while they are  having sweet dreams.

“My eyes are too heavy and so is body. I don’t think I can still move over.”

"You can have that small corner of the sheet over there."

“I’m your dog. I have all the right to be here.”
"Just because you paid for the bed doesn

“You might want to try the couch for even once in your life.”


“I can live here.”

Even this little guy can make a big bed feel like a shoe box.

“It’s been a hard day’s life. And I’ve been working like a dog.”

"Hey, I had a rough day, too. This is only my seventh nap."



“Thanks for letting me use the pillows. I hope it’s not much of a discomfort for you.”

"Can you scooch over a little more?"

“Ssshhh… Sleeping Beauty is asleep.”

This sleeping beauty doesn

“I promise I won’t be such a bother.”

"See, you barely even notice me!"

“I was here first.”

"You know the rules: if you

“Don’t worry. I saved you some space.”




“Ah, a bed of my own! I can stretch all I want.”

"This hypoallergenic duvet is divine!"

“Good night and sweet dreams, fellas!”

"Ahh, I

“My eyes are covered. I don’t see you at all.”

"I can

“I don’t take up much space, do I?”

"Who, me? I

“Back off! I’ve made a lifetime reservations for this bed.”

"Stop right there. I made a reservation for every night. Forever."



“This bed has enough space for rollin’! I’m such a lucky pup!”


“We’re good here!”

They tag-team.

“This bed is fit for a king like me.”


“Hhmm. I love the smell of fresh sheets! Too bad there’s not enough room for both of us.”

"These new sheets are so soft! It

“I’d love to have a few more pillows, please.”

"Can you get me a few more pillows?"



“Sorry, buddy. I make room for no one.”

"Do I look like I

“You can sleep here if you can squeeze in between us…”

"You might be able to squeeze in between us..."

“Hey, I’ve slept on the floor all my life. It’s time we switch places!”

"I hear sleeping on the floor is good for your back."

“This one’s just the right bed – not too big yet not too small.”

"Maybe there

“I’m sharing this bed with Mr. Pig. Have you found a place to sleep in yet?”

"Sorry, I gave Mr. Pig your spot. He called dibs!"

You can try buying them their own comfy bed to crash on, but something tells me they’ll find their way right back up to your space in the end. Maybe try bunk beds?



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