26 Reasons Why You Should Own a Cat


Most choose to spend their time in solidarity with only felines as their companions. This desire to cuddle and latch onto them is the response of nearly the majority of people who are in a state of near depression. It seems that they are the only creatures in the world that would understand you so well, even if they cannot talk back to you.

But did you know that having a cat around actually has benefits toward your health?

These are some few facts that shows positive effects of having felines in your life. Now you have an excuse to grow old alone with cats and be the crazy old cat lady.

1.  Cats help in recovering from rejection.

Recent study conducted at Miami University shows the correlation of cats and staving off the feelings of rejection. A group of undergraduates were asked to write about a terrible moment of rejection at one point in their life, and then they were told to jot down their favorite pet and their favorite friend. The results came out as positive that thinking about their pets proved to be just as effective as thinking about their friends when handling rejection.

2.  Cats can be beneficial to Alzheimer’s patients.

Those who suffer from Alzheimer’s shows that they have fewer anxious outbursts when they have a pet feline around the house. Taking care of cats are also more advisable than dogs because they require less care.

3.  Cats can stand as surrogate children.

If you are thinking of having a child, better see what it’s like beforehand by having a cat.

Cats are capable of forming a adherent bond with their owner, muck like a child-parent relationship, when they are fed and handled just like a regular child.

4.  Purring Has Healing Effects

Studies show that purring can lower stress, decrease the symptoms of dyspnea, help in the healing of bones and soft tissue as well as lower blood pressure. Cats purr within a range of 20 – 140 Hz, a sound that is known to be medically therapeutic for some illnesses.

5.  Cats Lower Blood Pressure

Aside from the feline’s purr, giving a cat attention helps in reducing the levels of the hormone cortisol, which is known to increase blood pressure levels, based on the study conducted by the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction.



6.  Cats are associated with governments

In England, the Cabinet Office has a Chief Mouser named Larry. He has been in a series of scandals  including sleeping on the job, fraternizing with a female cat, and attacking a reporter.

7.  Cat owners tend to be more empathetic

Children who have cats growing up are more considerable to what others think and feel. Learning empathy at a young age helps us to relate to other people and how their actions might affect others’ well-being.

8.  Cats owners have reduced stroke instances

Cats lower stress, blood pressure and cholesterol — the factors that contribute to stroke.

9.  Some cats are mayors

Stubbs the cat has been mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, for more than 17 years.

10.  Cats aid in depression

Much like the effect of recovering from rejection, cats can also help you in dealing with depression.




11.  Cats reduce stress

A research conducted in University of Missouri found that having cats around reduces levels of stress. Two hundred forty married couple participated in the said study, and they were given a task to induce stress. Those who have their cats with them significantly showed that they have less stress levels than those who don’t.

11.  Cats attract the ladies

According to surveys, 90% of single women are attracted to men cat owners than those who don’t like them.

12.  Asthma and allergies in children are reduced when owning a cat

Kids exposed to cats builds immunity to asthma as they develop special antibodies that prevent the disease.

13.  Cats have saved lives

According to animal psychologist Roger Mugford, cats are just as capable of detecting ailments in humans. To prove this notion,  a cat named Pudding saved its owner, Amy Jung, the same night they had adopted him.

Amy had experienced a diabetic seizure in 2012, and Pudding nudged her until her consciousness sets in. When Amy was fully awake, Pudding ran into her son’s room, and pounced on him until he woke up to call for medical assistance.

14.  Cats Lower Cholesterol

Cats, as Canadian scientists found out, can help lower levels of a chemical compound called triglyceride, which can cause high cholesterol.

15.  Cats have made it as trains conductors

Since Tama took over as manager of a railway station in Japan, the once failing business has begun to develop where countless humans have failed to do.

16.  Cat owners are more open-minded, sensitive and rebellious than dog owners

One study out of San Francisco found cat owners were found to be more open-minded, more sensitive and more likely to be non-conformists.

17.  Cats aid autistic children

University of Queensland discovered that autistic children with cats were more likely to speak, look at faces and smile than those without any pets.

18.  Cats tore down history’s greatest empires

During an attack on the Egyptian city of Pelusium in 525 B.C., Cambyses II unleashed felines before his army and painted felines on his soldiers’ shields.  In fear of harming the animals which in turn will anger the goddess Bastet, the Egyptian garrison quickly abandoned their positions and fled.

19.  Petting a cat makes you cheerful

Petting a cat has the effect of increasing the levels of oxytocin, which is also known as the “love hormone”, found in the body.

20.  Cats reduce risks of heart attacks

A 10-year study from the University of Minnesota showed that the likeliness of a heart attack is reduced by up to 40% due to declination of  stress.

21.  Cat lovers are smarter than dog owners

On average, cat owners tend to be smarter than those who owned a dog. According to a psychologist, the introverted nature of cat owners contributed to the findings.

22.  Cats are considered as therapy animals

Cats have been shown to help people get over their loss more quickly and relieve physical symptoms of grieiving.

23.  Koko, the talking gorilla, is a cat person

Koko, a gorilla who can sign 1,000 words in American language and understands 2,000 words in spoken English, was taught by researchers through reading “The Three Little Kittens” and “Puss ‘n’ Boots” to him.

Since then, felines caved a room in Koko’s heart. She even asked for one as a Christmas present.

24.  Cats Have a Lower Carbon Footprint Than Dogs

Cats eat less and more likely to consume fish, rather than corn and beef.

25.  Children tell cats about their feelings more than others

Around 81%  of children who lived with cats said that they would rather share their feelings to their cat than their parents or friends.


26.  Children miss school less when they have cats

Children who live with a cat miss nine days less of school per year than those who do not.


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