30+ of The Internet’s Greatest Animal Videos!


It’s safe to say that everyone has a little bit of an ‘animal lover’ inside of them! Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, a lizard person or even a bird person – You’ve got a soft spot in your heart for some sort of 4 legged (or more?) creature! When animals and cameras meet – magic happens, so we’ve collected over 30 of the greatest, funniest, silliest videos of animals from all over the internet for your viewing pleasure.

Here we go:

Sleeping Kitten

The first video shows a sleeping kitten and its caring mom. Very touching!

Views: 58M+

Published: 2011

Jumping Fail

An unlucky cat tries to make an epic jump but fails.

Views: 9.8M+

Published: 2013

Cat Soothing a Crying Baby to Sleep

Cats can be great babysitters, check yourself by watching the video.

Views: 16.9M+

Published: 2011

A Very Angry Cat

Cats can be not only sweet and pleasant but angry! Don’t be afraid of the following hero.

Views: 88M+

Published: 2006

Cat Playing the Keyboard

Can your cat play the keyboard? Show it this funny video to motivate to learn it.

Views: 41.5M+

Published: 2007

The OMG Cat

This cat is so surprised that can’t close the mouth.

Views: 23M+

Published: 2010

Cats Playing Patty-Cake

A popular kid’s game is performed by two awesome cats. Dubbing is well-done!

Views: 20.9M+

Published: 2010

Talking Cat

A cat is trying to tell something important. Who can translate?

Views: 26M+

Published: 2006

Dubstep Cat

A feline dubstep lover is showing its best plasticity and sense of rhythm.

Views: 19.8M+

Published: 2013




A cat was long hiding behind the cloths and then decided to fly like a batman.

Views: 17M+

Published: 2012

Feline Border Dispute

When two cats meet, a border dispute usually begins.

Views: 11.5M+

Published: 2010

Maru and Small Boxes

The famous cat Maru is practicing filling itself into small boxes.

Views: 13.7M+

Published: 2010

Puppy Attempts to Reclaim Bed From Cat

The cat is serene and ruthless. Poor dog!

Views: 4.4M+

Published: 2015

Praying Cat

What can a cat be dreaming about when it sleeps? Watch the video below and learn.

Views: 24.8M+

Published: 2008

Kitten Refuses to Leave a Warm Bath

Usually cats don’t love taking baths. For this one it seems the most favorite occupation.

Views: 13.4M+

Published: 2013

Ultimate Dog Tease

A dog can become an interesting companion to talk to. The hero below proves it.

Views: 172.8M+

Published: 2011

Guilty Dog

Watch a funny investigation in which dogs are the main suspects.

Views: 43.8M+

Published: 2011



Sleep Walking Dog

Like people, dogs also see dreams and even be sleep walking.

Views: 33M+

Published: 2009

Two Dogs Dining

This hilarious videos shows two dogs with people’s hands who decided to habe dinner and talk a bit.

Views: 28M+

Published: 2011

Golden Retriever Really Want to Race But…

A simple competiton may turn into a real challenge when there are so many temptations around.

Views: 16.6M+

Published: 2014

Dog Likes His Belly Tickled

A lovely terrier dog is playing with its owner who loves tickling its belly.

Views: 7M+

Published: 2011

Puppy Shower

What a bliss is to take a shower like that!

Views: 10.4M+

Published: 2014

Husky Playing in Leaves

Autumn is a great time to run about in the pile of leaves.

Views: 4.9M+

Published: 2012

Sweet Hedgehog

Do you like hedgehogs? They are so nice, when they sniff! This hedgehog is really sweet too, but not very quick-witted.

Views: 4.9M+

Published: 2012

Laughable Foxes

These foxes are smart, red, very hilarious!

Views: 25.6M+

Published: 2008

Cunning Octopus

Can an octopus be the reason for your laugh? Definitely, it can!

Views: 11.3M+

Published: 2010



Chameleon was Frightened by Iphone

Don’t show an iPhone to chameleon, it may stress the animal.

Views: 57M+

Published: 2011

Big Cats Like Boxes

Small cats definitely love boxes. The big ones also do, but the boxes shouldn’t be small!

Views: 6.8M+

Published: 2013

Raccoon Plays Sprinkler Harp

Who said that racoons couldn’t become great musicians?

Views: 1.2M+

Published: 2013

Monkey Drinking Milk

Don’t try to take away a monkey’s milk, you’ll be punished.

Views: 16M+

Published: 2009

Funny Owl Face

Can you do such a face?

Views: 3.2M+

Published: 2014

Kangaroo Street Fight

In Australia this is a common scene.

Views: 6.2M+

Published: 2014

Baby Elephant Rides His Mother

Babies are always babies, even if they are elephants.

Views: 3M+

Published: 2010

Loris Loves Getting Tickled

Finished tickling a dog? Proceed with a loris.

Views: 6M+

Published: 2009

Crazy Cockatoo on the Kitchen Floor

Perhaps, a cockatoo doesn’t like that the floor is dirty or too slippery.

Views: 3M+

Published: 2010