See The Cute Reactions of These Adorable Pets

35 Photos of Soldiers with Adorable Pets

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Everyone needs an adorable and fluffy animal friend, even the toughest guys on the planet like soldiers. At times of war or even at peace, these creatures are the ones that provide them with most comfort. In fact, even when they are on duty, they can help but give these cute critters some warm hugs and kisses.

If you don’t believe this, check out these photos of soldiers and their pets:

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1. This Marine Playing with a Cat

Soldier and Cat

2. This Adorable Puppy Inside His Master’s Pocket


3. This Dog Who Joined the War with His Master


4. These Soldiers Quenching the Thirst of a Baby Goat

Goat and Soldiers

5. This Cute Cat on His Master’s Cap

Cat in Cap

6. This Soldier Shaking Hands with a Baby Kangaroo

Soldier and Kangaroo

7. This Dog Carried by a Marine

Dog and Marine

8. This Army and Cat Taking a Selfie

Cat and Army



9. These Pooches Spending Quality Time with their Friends

10. This Dog Who is Trained How to Camouflage

Stealth Training

11. This Kitten Who Strikes an Angry Pose While His Master is Smiling

Fierce Kitten with his Friend

12. This Soldier Shaking Hands with a Random Cat

Random Cat

13. This Cat Asking for a Hug

Cat Hug

14. This Pig Who Follows an Army to Work

Pig and Soldier

15. This Dog Learning a New Trick

Dog Learning

16. This Puppy Waiting for a Treat




17. These Soldiers Feeding a Stray Pup

Stray Pup

18. This Soldier Who Reports to Duty with his Dog

Soldier with his Dog

19. This Fluffy Creature Who Wants Peace, Not Bombs

Fluffy Creature with his human

20. This Stressed Puppy Carried by a Soldier

Soldier and Pup

21. This Man Feeding a Newborn Puppy Using an Eyedropper

Puppy Feed

22. This Dog Having a Great Time

Great Time

23. This Pooch Watching Over His Pal

Protecting Master

24. These Soldiers Meeting the Whole Family of a Dog

Dog Family



25. This Dog Relieving the Stress of a Man by Kissing

Stress Reliever Dog

26. This Soldier Who Carries a Random Stray Dog

Stray Dog Saved

27. This Guy Who Surrenders to the Cuteness of the Puppies

Cute Puppies

28. This Soldier Who Carries Puppies Instead of Guns

Gun Puppies

29. This Pup Taking a Nap in a Helmet


30. This Soldier Who Uses the Cuteness of a Puppy as a Weapon

Soldier and Puppy

31. This Guy and Puppy Who Are Enjoying Each Other’s Company

Puppy and Soldier

32. This Soldier Petting His Cat While Waiting for Orders

Soldier Pets Cat



33. This Man Offering a Small Kitten a Drink

Soldier offers Water to a Cat

34. This Cat Learning a Trick from His New Friends

Cat and Friends

35. This Kitten Rescued by a Soldier

Soldier and Kitten

These photos only prove that even in the worse situations, you can still find hope in the friendliest faces.
Meet these adorable pets welcoming their soldiers home from service.

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