Adorable Dogs who Can’t Get Enough of Each Other


Dogs are one of the most sociable animals in the Animal Kingdom.

This is manifested by the strong bonds formed by these canine comrades in their respective packs. This natural instinct to socialize and to heed to each other’s needs are also seen even in their domesticated cousins. From cuddling to just fooling around when they’re bored, below are the classic examples of our darling dogs just being their natural, cookie canine selves.

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The world’s fluffiest orb

Or join forces and become the world's strongest Cuteness Orb.

5 more minutes

They can take EVEN MORE naps.

Looks like someone’s been snubbed by a certain poodle again

Or like this A+ friend comforting his pal on the way to the vet.

What’s for dinner?

Sometimes dogs show their love by goofing around.

Going home together

And sometimes they show it by protecting one another, like this pit bull and chihuahua that were adopted together.

Doggy conversations

Or good conversation.

Is it edible?

Or shared curiosity, like these three buds who have no idea what to do with this horseshoe crab.

One . BIG. Happy. Family

They can love being part of a perfect little family.

It’s THE squirrel!

They can love car rides. And these dogs clearly all LOVE car rides.

I’m bored. Is class over?

Sometimes, friendship is about letting someone derp all over you.

Picture time!

And other times, it's like: "Oh my gosh, let's take a selfie!!"

How the weather up there?

They can turn their friend into their own personal tent. Why not?

Pretty please?

They can stand around and look pretty.

Kissie face!

Or give a surprise smooch!

It’s all in the genes

Doggie love can be genetic.

Enough said

Sometimes friendship can just mean nap time.

Check out more of these adorable mutts in the videos below


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