Adorable Photos of Baby Foxes in a Backyard Taken by Father and Daughter

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If ever you saw a group of baby foxes in your backyard, what would you do? Would you get rid of them and put them put them back to the wild? Or would you keep them and take care of them as pets?

While walking around the backyard of their 7-acre home in Princeton, New Jersey, father and daughter tandem, Philip and Alice Wang,  saw a heart-melting sight of baby foxes playing with one another. So, they capture all heart-melting moments immediately.

In some countries, foxes are considered pests. They are even depicted as tricksters in various folk stories. But, looking at these adorable creatures , we’re assuming they can’t cause any harm at such young age?

If you were in the place of Philip and Alice, would you do the same? Whatever your opinion might be, we’re thinking they did really well because they were able to take such fun-filled moments. Check out their photos below:








Watch these baby foxes in the video below



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