After Their Rescue from a Sugar Plantation Fire …Four Baby Leopards Were Reunited with Their Mom

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After being rescued, four little leopard cubs have been reunited with their worried mother.

In Maharashta India, farmers were burning a sugarcane field. Because it was a common practice to clear fields after a harvest season, they were very shocked to hear some unusual cat cries.

They ran into the field to find out where the noise was coming from. What they discovered shocked them. Four baby leopards were lying in the field because their mother was frightened away by the fire.

Fortunately, the local Forest Department and the rescue group Wildlife SOS rushed to the scene. They saved the poor cubs from the fire and brought them to safety.

Although they only sustained minor burns, they were still given medication. Locals from the village then informed the rescuers the good news that they had spotted a female leopard roaming around the area looking for her cubs.

Because they were determined to reunite the little leopards with their mother, the rescuers placed them in a basket, which they left in the same place where their mother was last seen. To ensure their safety against other predators the whole night, they also set up a camp nearby.



Eventually, their patience paid off. After eight long hours, the leopard mom and her cubs saw each other again.

Geeta Seshamani, co-founder of Wildlife SOS, said in a statement:

“At 3:30 AM in the morning, they heard a soft rustling and dragging sound. The leopard cubs were mewing softly in delight. The mother finally arrived and started grooming and nursing the cubs to reassure them.”

She also added, “She rested with the cubs for a short while and then slowly started moving one at a time to a more secure spot”.

The leopard’s kids may have gotten lucky when they were spared from the fire, but they are actually rarely seen in sugarcane fields. Wildlife SOS explained that as the demand for sugarcane rises, the natural habitat of leopards is being destroyed to put up more plantations. As a result, leopards end up giving birth in such places. “Hopefully they will not be disturbed again,” Seshamani said.


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