America’s First Dog Cafe Opens in LA – And It’s Every Dog Lover’s Dream

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In a time where animals placed up for adoption are alarmingly increasing, this dog cafe and adoption site will warm the hearts of animal lovers everywhere.

The Dog Cafe LA is America’s answer to rising animal cafes around the world. Owner Sarah Wolfgang says that it serves as an opportunity for visitors to adopt these dogs as they have been rescued from animal shelters around the United States.

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Wolfgang got the idea from visiting a dog cafe in South Korea. She decided to mix up her plan to address the number of unwanted dogs that are either subjected to living on the streets or killed via euthanasia.

Visitors can take sip their latte alongside these furry friend for a $10 admission and a one hour max visitation period to accommodate other guests. In other parts of the world, numerous animal-themed cafes have opened ranging from felines to hedgehogs.

The Dog Cafe LA is billing themselves as the first dog cafe in the country. There is a reason this type of business has not been booming in the industry, because there are strict sanitary rules on the presence of  animals around food. The cafe, on the other hand, is designed to separate the dogs from the actual dining area to adhere to these health regulations.

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