Fossil of Ancient Crocodile Nearly the Size of a Bus Discovered in Sahara Desert


Scientists discovered the remains of a massive 30-foot-long prehistoric crocodile in Tunisia, which is believed to be the largest water-dwelling crocodile that ever lived on earth. The reptile’s skull alone is already five feet long and is believed to be three tons in weight. Researchers named the badass monster as Machimosaurus rex or M. Rex.

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With the help of National Geographic Society Committee for Research and Exploration, the team, led by Federico Fanti, found the fossil buried on the edge of the Sahara Desert. It took them two days to recover the skull alone of the massive animal. Fanti said that the M. Rex must have been at the top of the food chain at its time, considering its size that is almost as big as an entire bus.

The researchers said that compared to the regular crocodile, the M. Rex has way more powerful bite. They assumed it’s capable of crashing a turtle into bits and added that with its strength, it either lived as an ambush predator or a scavenger.

Existing theories have it that there was a mass extinction during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, but with this discovery, these claims have now been subjected to debate since the discovered fossil indicated that the M. Rex lived after the said eras.

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