It is So Hot That Even the Animals Are Trying to Cool Down Anyway They Can



We all love a cold feast, especially during summer. And it’s not just us, but also the animals. While some animals have natural cooling mechanisms in their bodies, some are not so lucky. This is why we must always reserve icy treats for our favorite pets to keep them from melting in the heat.

Somewhere in Valle del Cauca, Colombia


Fruit Delight for a Giraffe in London Zoo


Ursula, the renowned Northern Fur Seal at the New England Aquarium in Boston, is enjoying an ice cube bed


Iced Carrot Treat for This Zebra Couple in Sydney


Wei Wei from Wuhan Zoo in China is Also a Fan of Ice Cubes





Despite their unique cooling mechanism, this elephant in Dusit Zoo, Bangkok, still love to some ice cubes


Lions at Taipei Zoo in Taiwan also deserve cold refreshment


A block of ice is never a bad blanket to this red panda in China


This polar bear from Brookfield Zoo, Illinois Loves Ice


Siberian Tigers in Shenyang, China love it, too!






This chimpanzee from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil knows better than the rest of the animals above


Lemurs in an Israeli zoo share a block of flavored ice


On the other side of the zoo, Papa Bear enjoys two blocks of flavored ice all for himself


A Japanese macaque enjoys ice with frozen fruit at Sendai Yagiyama Zoological Park in Miyagi, Japan



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