Bears Caught on Camera Having a Pool Party and Forgot to Invite the Owners!


When the sun strikes its heat in the middle of the day, every creature on land, people and animal alike, gets affected. So when it gets hot outside, the best way to beat the heat is to get in the water; and if one wants to have a little fun, the beach or the pool is the best place to be.

But because it’s not just humans who seek for some a refreshing swim, animals too are looking for their own way to beat the heat, like this family of bears that decided to take over a family pool and enjoy it themselves.

A family from New Jersey posted several videos on social media showing a mother bear and her five cubs relaxing in their backyard in Rockaway Township. Tim Basso and his two young daughters provided humorous commentary as the bears enjoyed an afternoon by the pool. It seemed like the family accidentally found the pool and splashed and played; and like what most partygoers do, they got a little rowdy with the pool toys.

One of the Basso kids said, when the bear cub takes hold of her favorite inflatable toy, “They took my floatie!” And when asked how dirty the pool might be after the bears played on it, Tim joked to his daughter, “I don’t know, sweetie, I think our pool is shot.” Like humans, the bears seemed to have enough fun as they left off on their own, seemingly contented from their afternoon under the sun.

The scene is actually very similar to us humans, a mother and her kids, playing in the backyard on a hot summer day. The bears played with the garden hose, played with the inflatable pool toys, and even took turns on the slide.

So if you happened to spot a bear playing in your backyard, treat them like any other visitors, but don’t get close to them. You can stay inside and call the authorities; and while you’re watching them, take out your camera and record the moments because you don’t get to see an incident like this every day!

Watch the family as they filmed the bears playing in the pool:


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