Carriage Rides Seem Fun …Find Out the Dark Side of These Romantic Rides

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If you’ve ever had the chance to roam around in the “City That Never Sleeps”, a trip to Central Park is a must on the bucket list as the most visited park in the United States. If you’ve been there, then we’re sure you’ve seen or maybe even enjoyed a ride on a horse-drawn carriage.

But there’s another side to this popular tourist ride.

Riding a horse-drawn carriage seems like an exciting activity for everyone . . .


 . . . or the perfect ride for the perfect date.




But here’s an alarming fact: 220 or so of these NYC carriage horses live an abusive life.


People are ignoring the fact that horses aren’t supposed to work in this kind of environment. These creatures are sensitive. The huge buses, car horns, and bikers can easily freak them out.

They should be taken care of, but it turns out more and more horses doing this kind of work are slowly dying.


On October 23, 2014, 15-year-old carriage horse Charlie, who gave rides around Central Park, died on his way to work. He collapsed on West 54th Street near Eighth Avenue.




November 4, that same year, another horse named Luke passed out on West 60th Street. He stayed down for 15 minutes.

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While your own pet may be fed from a clean container these horses are fed directly off a busy street.


The whole setup poses danger both to the horses and pedestrians.


These horses grace the streets in fear. When they become more stressed, they end up hitting bicyclists and other passers-by. In these cases, it’s the carriage driver who takes responsibility. They become the suspects for countless hit-and-runs. In some cases, horses are killed for no reason, or they slowly die after an inexplicable injury.

There is an ongoing campaign against this cruelty that you can join in to help save the lives of carriage horses.


Not even one animal should go through this kind of suffering. They should be protected. There is no valid reason to keep those horses on the street and let them suffer under the heat of the sun just for tourists.




Watch these videos below.

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