Cat Patio- The Perfect Outdoor Space for You Cat


Pets will always need their fair share of exercise.

However, not all of our furry pets are not keen on having a leash around their neck when going for a play at the great outdoors. One perfect answer that will solve cat owner’s woes in taking their feline friends for a walk is the Catio.

The appropriately called Catio, which is featured in the website is the perfect playground for your feline friend. This open spaced enclosure is a great addition for families who are absolutely cat lovers. These so called “catios” are aplty called so because it is a combination of both a patio and a enclosure.



This allows cats to observe wildlife, run freely and breathe in fresh air while maintaining their physical well being. The cations has UV protected sun roofs, breathable mesh walls and an all natural cedar perches and catwalks that have access point to the home’s interior. What is great about this nice addition to the home is that they are custom built so it can take any shape and size depending on the space of your home.

You have the option to choose a ground level or stand alone sanctuaries. Catwalks can also be built to run along fences so that cats can safely roam all day long.

These catios not only give your feline friend a good sense of well being but it will also keep your pet cats safe from traffic, wild animals, and even unfamiliar humans. Even cat owners can have a feel of these catios as the catios have a full sized access doors.

What are the advantages of having these in your backyard? Plenty of course: lower vet bills, protection of local birds, and elimination of litter box odor.

Find out more about this amazing catio in the videos below!



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