18 Cute Pets With Their Best Faces Forward

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Our hearts often melt for adorable things — even the manliest man alive. Animals know their way around this cuteness to manipulate us into getting what they want, or when they have done something wrong which made their owners mad, and they stare at you with those guilty eyes that would make you hug them, instead of scolding and punishing them for their misdeeds.

Below are examples of pets overflowing with cuteness that will surely capture your heart and will make you say “Aww!”

How could you say no to these faces?


1.  A canine and feline duo.

There was no hope for their humans when they started teaming up.

2.  Pug wants some of that food of yours.


3.  How could you say no when this dog has bowed down to you?

"I beseech you, good sir, please throweth thine ball."

4.  This dog begs to let him play outside just a little longer.

"Nooo, we don

5.  Those staring eyes while you are eating.




6.  When you told him that he cannot sleep on the bed.

"Are you suuuure I

7.  That moment when he wants to watch a different channel.

"Can we switch over to cartoons?"

8.  All she wants is your food.


9.  He doesn’t want you to leave the bed yet.

"You don

 10.  “Here is your cap, master.”

"Can I interest you in a trade?"



11.  He is all ready to receive the treat.

He does this when you turn your back to grab a treat.

12.  “Can I sit beside you in the front?”

"My whole life, all I ever dreamed of was seeing the world from the front seat..."

13.  Party time!


14. “Can you please rub my belly?”

"Oh, I thought you wanted to rub my belly? Well, as long as I

15.  “Give me some of that!”

"I thought I was your best friend. Best friends <em>share</em>."



16.  “Can I have a bite of that? PLEASE!”

"Just one fry? Just one!"

17.  “Wanna play catch with me?”

"Listen, Mr. Squeakers isn

18.  This cat must be giving his owner the finger, or in this case, the paw.

"Stop! You can




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