20 Reasons Why Two Pets Are Better Than One

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What better proof that two heads are better than one than these awesome pets in duo doing the things they normally do, except that they do it naturally adorable and divinely cute?

Well here they are, the twenty powerful duos who made every move so much better than going solo.

When East and West meets

One in sepia, and one in black-and-white = no need to filter this photo.

Going to a bath together has never been this fun.

When they roll in their own poo...at least they

Looks like they are having a really vicious conversation here

Two wrinkly lumps of fur are definitely better than one.

So who’s the real one and who’s the doppelganger?

Not sure if that

Human sticking out their tongue is so not cool. Dogs? Awesome!

Puppy playtime is <em>always</em> better with two babes.

They are up to something, seriously

Four giant puppy paws trotting on the hardwood floors just isn

That photo bomber partner…

For that one spot she can never seem to reach on her own.

Even when they’re scared, they still look cute!

Bird watching is much more fun with a buddy!

Spot the difference

Nope, you

Oh, how sweet!

Separating these two would be un-American.

“So when are we going to make up?”

"You take her, too, or I

Father and son’s bonding moment.

Age means nothing to these two.

A puppy makes a good pillow to another puppy

A puppy pillow is much better than any other pillow.

This is how couple should sleep

People aren

“Close your eyes, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

"I just wanna <em>eat</em> you right up, bro!"

Is that how dogs do the french kiss?

Puppy kisses are epically better.

Heart shaped hugging cats makes us fall in love again

Who wouldn

And again…

...Or this?!

Selfie while on the road? Why not?

Road trips are better with an "I spy" bud!

What is going on here?

"We were just talking, I swear!"

If you only have one pet at home, it might just be the right time to take home another one.

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