Adorable Animals Who Have Instagram Accounts

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Instagram is one of the most popular user enable social media sites available on the Internet.

Launched back in 2010 as mobile application, the this user driven content allows its subscribers to post and share photos into other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Like other social media sites, this has become a popular stop for people to be constantly updated about their favorite personalities.

From celebrities to fashion bloggers,there is no doubt that Instagram is a melting pot for all kinds of personalities including animals. Here are just some of the adorable animals who have made their mark on Instagram.

1. The Rich Dogs Of Instagram

The Rich Dogs Of Instagram

The  Rich Dogs of Instagram started February 2015 by Kaylin Pound as a parody account to The Rich Kids of Instagram. The account features pictures of dogs appearing to live exorbitant lifestyles.

Despite the show of wealth, The Rich Dogs of Instagram account has a charitable side.

“Since it has gained so much press attention in such a short time, I decided that I wanted to use it for something other than a good laugh, so I am teaming up with Posh Pets Rescue in New York City to help them spread the word about giving back to dogs that aren’t as fortunate as The Rich Dogs of Instagram,” Pound said.

2. Yogurt (The Chihuahua)

Yogurt (The Chihuahua)

This Instagram star hails from Bangkok, Thailand. Yogurt the Pirate is an 8 year old pirate is known for having one eye and a tongue that seems to constantly stick out. Yogurt is an Instagram sensation with 116,000 followers.

3. Lil Bub

Lil Bub

Lil Bub is a rescued cat according to his owner, Mike Bridavsky. She has a pronounced case of dwarfism and osteopetrosis.  Lil Bub has four extra toes, one on each foot, and an underdeveloped lower jaw, which causes her tongue to droop perpetually. Despite her conditions, she is a healthy kitty who not only has 743,000 followers but even has her own line of merchandise.

4. Snoopy Babe (Exotic Shorthair)

Snoopy Babe (Exotic Shorthair)

Snoopy Babe is a Chinese male Exotic Shorthair who became an Instagram sensation due to his extremely flat face.

5. Tuna Melts My Heart (The Chiweenie)

Tuna Melts My Heart (The Chiweenie)

Tuna was found abandoned by the side of the road in San Diego. he was taken in by Courtney Dasher, who only intended to keep him as a briefly only to adopt him later on. Aside from having 1.3 million Instagram followers, Tuna also has merchandise available including a book detailing his journey.



6. Choupette (The Siamese)

Choupette (The Siamese)

Owned by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, the feline sensational is also living the life of a celebrity. Choupette has personal maids to attend to her every need and document her every move. She even has her own makeup line and book.

7. Hamilton The Hipster Cat

Hamilton The Hipster Cat

Hamilton The Hipster Cat, like many other animals on this list, is a rescue kitty. He has over 210,000 Instagram followers and has even done a music video for Friskies.

8. Booboo (The Guinea Pig)

Booboo is an adorable guinea pig and also a muse of photographer who goes by the name of “Lieveheerbeestje.” Weighing about 1kg and aged about two years old, she loves to spend her days eating, sleeping and posing for the camera.

9. Sam (The Turkish Van)

Sam (The Turkish Van)

Sam, a Turkish Van cat, has the perpetually furrowed brow of a worrier on his face because of his unusual markings. Sam’s beginnings started out from the mean streets of New York. He currently has 163,000 Instagram followers.

10. Jimmy Choo (The Bull Terrier)

Jimmy Choo (The Bull Terrier)

 Rafael Mantesso’s dream as a little bot came true when he found a best friend in a pup named Jimmy Choo . Mantesso’s artistic flair and his dog’s love for the camera naturally led to the artist creating dozens of hilarious doodles for his personal Instagram account.



11. Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle (The Brussels Griffons)

Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle (The Brussels Griffons)

Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle are Brussels Griffons living in Wellington, New Zealand. They have over 300,000 Instagram followers, and are widely known for their myriad of the cutest costumes the world has seen.

12. Rylai (The Fox)

Rylai (The Fox)

Rylai the 5-week-old domesticated red fox that dazzles everyone with her striking “marble white” fur and bright pink nose. her anonymous owner does “not promote pulling animals from their natural habitats to be sold as pets.” Regardless, you are free to follow her Instagram account for more on her daily adventures.

13. Baby Animals

Baby Animals

From the domestic to the exotic,Babyanmls features every adorable newborn animal out there on the wild.

14. Niku (The Pug)

Niku (The Pug)

Not much is known about this Japanese Instagram star, but according to her followers, she’s never worn the same adorable outfit twice!


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