An Amazing Cat Is a Super Hunter in Catching Mice in a Train Station


An adorable black-and-white moggy was promoted for her five-year-long dedication to her job as a patroller at West Yorkshire railway station. Felix was given a name badge and a new hi-vis jacket and was named the Senior Pest Controller by the TransPennine Express.

Felix has been roaming around the station since 2011, catching mice and receiving cat treats in return. Having spent a long time in the area, Felix has even made a lot of friends along the way.

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Felix was nine weeks old when she was brought to the station to take the important task of ensuring the corners of the place are vermin-free. Recently, the cat has experienced some challenges when barriers were built around the station to prevent fare dodgers, making her unable to perform her duty well.

Good thing the operators of the train noticed her problem immediately, so they made her a customized cat flap to allow her to pass the barriers exclusively. It was a success and the furry little officer is now back on duty.

Felix has gained attention and support of all the passengers of the train. She was even featured many times in different stories on Facebook.



“The promotion is just a nice appreciation of Felix’s work. It is a reward for nearly five years of service. Her presence just brings a smile,” a customer service assistant named Chris Bamform said. “She can often be found on the concourse just sitting on a podium next to me during the busy periods. The morning commuters just glance at Felix and it brings a smile out of them. Felix is part of the family here, although she does like to think that she runs the place.”

The name Felix was given to the cat by the staff when she was still a kitten. It happened to be that name because they thought she was a male. But even after knowing her real gender, they decided to just stick with Felix.

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